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What is the height of an adjustable bed?

What is the height of an adjustable bed?

We are often asked "How high is an adjustable bed from the floor to the top of the mattress?"

We manufacture our electric adjustable beds to a height of 22" (56cm) from the floor to the top of the mattress. This is an ideal height for most people however, not everyone is the same. For this reason, we offer to make our beds 2" (5cm) higher or lower at no extra cost.


Low adjustable beds.

Adjustable beds help with mobility issues. If you find it difficult getting onto an adjustable bed it may be a good idea to have it made lower.

Please request the bed to be 2" lower either before or as soon as you have placed your order. Contact Us

This may make it easier to get in and out.

If you are able to get your bottom further towards the middle of the mattress when you sit down, you will not need to shuffle yourself so far to find a comfortable position. If you can only just manage to get on to the edge of the bed because it is too high, you will struggle to get into the middle of the mattress.

Getting in and out of the bed can also be aided by adding the optional firmer edges to your choice of mattress. Click here for more information on our mattresses and the option of 'Transfer Edges'.

Another useful optional extra is our 'Samson Bed Lever' or Grab Handle to give you something to hold and steady yourself when getting in and out of an adjustable bed.

Higher adjustable beds.

If you are taller, you will find that trying to stand from a lower adjustable bed will put additional strain on your back. The additional 2" will make your adjustable bed 24" (61cm) from the floor to the top of your mattress.

The options of 'Transfer Edges' and the 'Bed Lever' can also make getting in and out of a taller adjustable bed.

Raising the height of an adjustable Bed.

If you have an adjustable bed and find it would be easier to get in and out if it were taller. Bed raisers come in a range of heights and are widely available online at a relatively low cost.

If you can't decide, what height should an adjustable bed be?

A safe option is to purchase the bed at our standard height and if you need to raise it, simply purchase a set of bed raisers.

Build Your Own Adjustable Bed

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