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Bed Lever (Bed Handle for Adjustable Beds)


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For those that need a little additional help getting in and out of adjustable beds or help moving and turning in bed.

The ‘Samson Bed Lever’ by Back Care Beds is simply more practical, better looking and easier to fit than any other ‘bed lever for adjustable beds’

To assist when getting in and out of an adjustable bed it is important that the bed lever raises and lowers with the back of the bed or it will not be in the correct position to be of help.

If you are looking for a bed lever for a divan bed, please be aware that this has been specifically modified by Back Care Beds for use as an adjustable bed grab handle. Although it may work on a standard divan base, it would not be as secure as it is when fitted to the slats of an adjustable bed. This will be clear from looking at our easy-to-follow fitting guide.

Often referred to by occupational therapists as a ‘grab lever for adjustable beds’ or adjustable bed grab handle. It must not be confused with a safety side rail. Safety side rails or cot sides are a different product designed to prevent the risk of falls. Although it may offer some degree of help to reduce the risk of falls from an adjustable bed.

There is only one position that the bed lever can be fitted to the back section of the adjustable bed. This is perfectly between the shoulder and elbow. It can be adjusted in or out to give clearance for bedding.

How It Works:

  • The Samson Bed Lever (Grab Bar For Adjustable Beds) has a tubular rounded handle, with a white smooth enamelled finish.
  • For users of up to 127kg (20 Stone)
  • One can be fitted to either side of an individual adjustable bed.
  • One can be purchased to fit on either side of a twin adjustable bed.
  • Two can be purchased to fit on each side of a twin adjustable bed.
  • The adjustable bed Grab Bar is easy to fit with simple fitting guide suppled.
  • Simple Adjustable Bed Mobility Aid.
View PDF for more information | Install Guide
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