Special PU Cover

  • Special PU Cover
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Durable, multi-stretch, vapour permeable cover and a toughened polyurethane base.

Although not the cheapest but by far the best way to provide the maximum comfort and dignity if incontinence is a problem or potential problem.The best set-up is to use the ‘PU Cover’ in combination with our ‘Luxury quilted cover’. The PU cover is zipped on as a protective barrier encasing the foam mattress. The stretchy nature of this material means it will not reduce the comfort provided by the mattress. The ‘Luxury quilted cover’ is then zipped on over the top of the PU cover to provide a nice comfortable sleeping surface. Accidents that wet the top quilted cover will not penetrate the PU cover that can be wiped clean. The quilted top can be removed for washing and a spare zipped back on. This is far better than absorbent mattress pads that shift in the night and leak. (Also see our ‘Luxury quilted cover’)

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