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Single or Twin Adjustable Beds?

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Single or twin adjustable beds?

In most cases it will be obvious; a single person will order a single individual adjustable bed. This could range from 3′ (90cm) up to 4’6″ (137cm)

In most cases a couple will order twin adjustable beds.

Where there is a slight overlap or grey area is when a couple are restricted for width and can only fit a bed 4’6″ wide (137cm) Although we can make two individual adjustable beds 2’3″ wide making the 4’6″. These would be very narrow mattresses. We would strongly advise you to rearrange your bedroom to fit 5′ (152cm) or 6′ (183cm) twin adjustable beds.

If this is not possible a couple could still have an individual adjustable bed 4’6″ (137cm) width. This is not the ideal scenario because if one person needs to sleep elevated more than the other, or if one decides to read a book and raise the bed to a sitting up position whilst the other is trying to sleep, there is likely to be a big punch-up. Another major issue with having a couple on one adjustable bed mechanism is the weight. Our adjustable beds are designed to take up to 18 stone (115kg). An average couples combined weight will be far in excess of this which means the adjustable bed mechanism will need to be upgraded adding an additional cost.

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