Selecting the Adjustable Bed Mechanism

Adjustable Bed Mechanisms

This blog is written to help you select the most suitable adjustable bed mechanism for your needs. There are also links to more detailed information for each of the mechanisms. I am sure you are aware of the many medical, mobility and comfort benefits that adjustable beds have to offer or you would not be reading this right now.


Our ‘standard’ and ‘heavy duty’ 5-part mechanisms are manufactured here in England to standards far higher than imported mechanisms from the Far East.


Maybe you are thinking our prices are too low so the quality may not be as good as the more expensive adjustable beds ‘you get what you pay for’ Not so! Our prices are the lowest because you are buying directly from the manufacturer. We base our price on material costs and production time not on percentage profit margins of a middle man.

You are welcome to purchase mechanisms on their own or as complete beds. We can advise you on converting your own bed surround to be an adjustable bed and supply components. Contact us to discuss this, emailing photographs of your bed surround with internal dimensions will make life much easier.

  • Heavy duty five-part Adjustable Bed Mechanism


    For the majority of people this will provide the perfect solution for your needs. Rated for users up to 18st (115kg)

    An aid for numerous medical conditions specifically breathing, heart conditions, circulation, blood pressure, hiatus hernia, back and neck pain and so much more.

    In addition to the medical benefits it is also a huge help with mobility. Getting in and out of bed becomes much easier restoring a little bit of independence. And then there are the lifestyle benefits. Sitting up in bed to read a book, watching the television or having breakfast in bed.

    Superbly engineered mechanism constructed from the highest quality components available.

  • Heavy duty five-part Adjustable Bed Mechanism


    For users over 18st (115kg) All the same functionality of our standard five part mechanism but with an upgraded motor and thicker slats. Rated for users up to 25st (160kg).

  • Four Motor Mechanism


    Unlike the 5 part mechanism which is controlled by two motors housed in one unit the 4 motor mechanism has two separate units each containing the two motors. Offset against the additional cost is the benefit of the enhanced functionality. Additional buttons on the hand control allow the user to raise the back section to the desired position and independently raise and lower the neck (pillow) section. Likewise the upper leg can be raised and then the lower leg and feet can be adjusted to the perfect position. There are numerous medical and comfort benefits to this system.

  • Height Adjustable Profiling and Lifting Mechanism


    Recent legislation means that if someone is being cared for by a professional health care worker then the adjustable bed must also be height adjustable. This is necessary to reduce back injury to professional carers but does add a substantial amount to the price. If price is not the main priority this is a great option in order to have a beautifully made home style bed from our range of colours and styles available as opposed to nursing care beds which are specifically designed to be fully profiling and height adjustable.

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