Fitting a Foot End Drawer Guide

Step 1

Assemble the base following the main bed installation guide.

Step 2

The two sides have a batten at the foot end for the Drawer to sit on.

Step 3

The Drawer carcass is pre-assembled with the drawer in it. Remove the drawer.

Step 4

Place the drawer carcass on the floor inside the base, back from the battens with the angled corner cuts at the foot end.

Step 5

Lift one side of the carcass and then the other above the height of the battens

Step 6

Push the carcass towards the drawer opening and down onto the three battens ensuring there is no gap between the carcass and the foot end panel.

Step 7

Secure the carcass using a 20mm screw through the brackets on each side.

Step 8

Insert the drawer by sitting the wheels of the drawer runners on the carcass runner then lift the drawer front and push back. To close.

Step 9

The drawers have a tidy finger pull at the bottom edge and the drawers self-close when pushed in.

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