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Number 1

Standard Cover

Number 2

Heat dissipating “Revo” foam

Number 3

High-Density Memory Foam

Number 4

Low profile ‘Nano Springs’

Number 5

Specially formulated hardened Reflex Foam®

Number 6

High resistance Reflex Foam®

Number 7

Flexible foam outer edge

Cool Spring Ultimate Mattress - Firm


The ‘Cool Spring Ultimate Mattress’ is the combination of the best products currently available. The soft feel top layer of ’Revo foam’ works in harmony with the high- density memory foam second layer, producing incredible support and improved airflow by 28%, compared to conventional visco-elastic mattresses, reducing the likelihood overheating. The support of the top two layers is enhanced with the additional use of ‘Nano Springs’ adjusting to your body, with the base layer of ‘Reflex Foam®’ which maintains the body’s correct posture. You will feel the benefit of a night sleep like no other.

How It Works:

  • Choose between ‘Medium’ or Firm’ based on personal preference.
  • Top layer of ’Revo’ heat dissipating foam has a soft, cool feel without feeling engulfed, allowing you to turn easily. (See specification sheet)
  • Combined with a second layer of High-Density Memory Foam softens to mould to your shape through pressure not warmth reducing pressure points and remaining cool.
  • A comfort layer of low profile ‘Nano Springs’ contour to the shape of your body. (28% cooler than Foam)
  • The base layer is specially formulated Reflex Foam® Providing excellent posture.
  • Base layer of 60mm high density Reflex Foam® Firm Only
  • Simply the most supportive comfortable mattress available.
  • Flexes perfectly in combination with an adjustable bed.
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Supplied with a standard cover
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