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Choosing the Width of Your Adjustable Bed or Beds

Unlike most retailers using imported components from the Far East, Back Care Beds manufacture their adjustable beds to English dimensions.

The length of an adjustable bed is generally 6'6" (198cm) long, even as a single bed where as conventional beds would only be 6'3" (190cm). The simple reason for this is that raising the head end and foot ends will have the effect of shortening the mattress.

If you are particularly tall and need a longer bed we make up to a 7' adjustable bed. If you are restricted on space we can make 6'3" adjustable beds. Please note that there will be a small premium to pay as it breaks our normal production.

Individual Adjustable Beds

  • 2'3" (69cm). This is the narrowest adjustable bed that we make and is most commonly used as a twin bed to make up a 46"' width (137cm) double size in UK beds. We would strongly advise that you rearrange your room if possible to take a 5' king size bed. This is because an individual mattress of just 2'3" is very narrow. When turning over in bed to get comfortable there is a risk of becoming very close to the edge of the adjustable bed mattress and in certain situations this becomes the risk of a fall.
  • 2'6" (76cm). Again, most commonly used as a twin bed to make up a 5' width (152cm) King size in UK beds.
  • 2'9" (84cm) "An unusual size" I hear you say. But it is a big step up in size from a 5' King to a 6' Super King, so the 2'9" as twin adjustable beds makes up a nice size 5'6" (168cm) and yes our elasticated stretch sheets are a perfect fit.
  • 3' (91cm) The most popular width as an individual single adjustable bed or 6' (183cm) super king twin adjustable beds.
  • 3'6" (107cm) a nice size individual adjustable bed. If you feel that a 3' single is not quite big enough having become used to a bigger bed.
  • 4' (122cm) The widest individual adjustable bed that we would suggest. 4'6" is available but that is wider than an individual would require.
  • 4.6" (137cm) As previously mentioned, the 4'6" double adjustable bed is wider than an individual would require and if you think it would be suitable for a couple, think again. An adjustable bed has a recommended maximum load of 18 stone (115kg)

Twin Adjustable Beds

Twin adjustable beds of 2'3" can be used for a couple but as previously mentioned these are quite narrow mattresses for each of you.

  • 5' (152cm) King size. Only available as twin 2'6" adjustable beds.
  • 6' (183cm) The perfect width super king size adjustable bed. Two 3' (91cm) mattresses side by side. Perfect if you have the space in your room.

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