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What is the best mattress for adjustable beds?

Web browser algorithms have created headaches for customers trying to pick the truth from the marketing jargon.
Marketing companies are being paid to write absolute dribble about poor quality mattresses to make them sound like the best mattress ever created. Unfortunately they do a good job.
Describing an adjustable bed base that is made in China as a zero-gravity adjustable bed base. Really? Whoever came up with that certainly earnt their commission that day, even though it means absolutely nothing.

Which mattress for an adjustable bed?

I will try to use straight forward explanations in plain English to describe our range of mattresses for adjustable beds. Or visit our comprehensive mattress page for prices and full details


Low-cost adjustable bed mattresses

Our 'Memory 500 mattress' is our entry level mattress. Included in our price on our website and Amazon. It is a comfortable mattress suitable for users up to 14 - 15 stone (96kg)
It flexes well to contour to your shape when you raise the head and foot ends of the adjustable bed base.
The term 'Low-cost mattress' conjures up visions of a cheap adjustable bed mattress referring to the quality, but this is a very comfortable mattress at an affordable price.

High Quality Adjustable bed mattresses

If you can afford to upgrade to our 'Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress' or our very best 'Cool Spring Ultimate Mattress', it is always good because it is the mattress that gives the comfort.

The best Memory Foam Mattress for an adjustable bed

Our 'Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress' Medium or Firm to suit your preference.
The Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress range uses a combination of market leading foam to give you an improved comfort.
Using Reflex Foam® for the base layer (as opposed to conventional coil springs) topped with high quality memory foam, you will feel a reduction in pressure points around your hips and shoulders leading to a much-improved night's sleep.
Full details and prices can be found on our mattress page.

Cool Spring Ultimate Mattress, The best Cool Spring Mattress for adjustable beds

  • Many people find that memory foam mattresses tend to make them warm in bed.
  • Conventional pocket spring mattresses for adjustable beds don't flex as they should.

The solution is our top of the range 'Cool Spring Ultimate Mattress' that is the best mattress for adjustable beds.

  • 4 layers create this mattress with the option of Medium or Firm.
  • Pressure relieving and supportive.
  • Can be enhanced with massage, Transfer edges to make it easier to get in and out and a Luxury quilted zip off cover.

All these options and more detail can be found on our mattress page.

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