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5 Motor Massage System


This fantastic massage system is far from being a gimmick. Powerful built in motors can give a gentle soothing massage or simply increase the intensity for an invigorating massage, passively exercising you whilst circulating blood to the joints and muscles.Relax in the knowledge that the timer will automatically switch off after a set time.

  • Very simple to operate illuminated hand control.
  • 5 sets of massage motors built in to the mattress for a more positive result.
  • Adjustments for intensity, gentle to strong.
  • A choice of wave programs which run up and down your body.
  • Pulse, for targeted massage.
  • Speed control to speed up or slow down the wave or pulse programs.
  • The 5 sets of massage motors can be individually switched on or off again for targeted results.
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The built in massage system cannot be used in combination with our pocket spring mattress. The alternative massage system which can be used is bolted under the adjustable bed slats. This system is widely sold in high street shops because it is easier to sell as an add on however it is far less effective and is noisy in comparison to the built in massage system.

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