Mechanism Options

Adjustable bed mechanism for users up to 25st (160kg)

For only £100 - a relatively small cost, we can upgrade our standard five part mechanism which is rated for users of up to 18 stone (115kg) to take 25st (160kg) Included in the price is the upgrade to a heavy duty motor

The functionality of the ‘Heavy Duty Mechanism’ is exactly the same as with our standard adjustable bed mechanism.

Thicker slats and plastic mounts are used. The slats are longer to sit on the mechanism frame instead of being suspended between the framework.

Heavy Duty Twin motors

  • All the same features of the standard twin adjustable bed motor but more powerful
  • Suitable for users over 18 stone (115kg) and up to 25 stone (160kg)
  • Whisper quiet.
  • Easy to operate with raised buttons in a logical order for use in the dark.

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To find out more information please watch our video.