Twin Wheel, Braked Castors

Twin Wheel Braked Castors

The option of castors is only available when selecting options for your adjustable bed. For an additional £20 per bed you can upgrade to our strong twin castors with brakes which makes it easy to move your adjustable bed. Simply flick the small brake lever up to unlock, reposition and push the brake down to lock it.

Our castors have a load capacity of 50kg each in comparison to general quality castors having a rating of 30kg. A 10mm thread into a steel insert threaded into hardwood corner posts for strength.

Wooden Feet

Our adjustable beds come as standard with wooden feet with a felt pad to protect the floor. Adjustable beds are not particularly heavy and can be moved relatively easily however if you need to move the beds regularly and will find it difficult it may be a good idea to pay a little more to upgrade to have castors.

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