Drawers - Twin

Storage Drawers & Storage Space Under Twin Adjustable Beds.

Our storage drawers are handmade and very strong. There is no point buying a high quality bed designed to last years with cheap drawers which the bottom will fall out of if overloaded.

  • We offer storage drawers set in the foot or Sides of our adjustable beds.
  • Easy open and close drawers with steel runners and guide wheels.
  • A neat finger pull along the bottom edge rather than knobs or handles.
  • Designed to be very easy for self-assembly. Both the drawer and carcass are already assembled.

Simply by using the hand control to raise the head end opens up a useful storage space. Many of our customers will opt for drawers in the foot end and place plastic storage boxes in the top end of the bed to take advantage of this. Please select your drawer option from the drop down menu.

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To find out more information please watch our video.